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Nails per Pound

By on February 9, 2010

So you’re starting a new project.  You’ve done the proper planning and have your materials list all figured out.  Amongst all the other items on your list there are some common nails, some finish nails, and perhaps some box nails.  But there’s only one little problem, and you’ve been down this road before.  You don’t want to buy too many nails, that’s just wasting money.  And, you don’t want to get caught short handed either.  There’s nothing worse than having your momentum killed because you’ve run out of nails and need to go buy more.  That’s just a  waste of time.

You know how many nails you need, but what good is that when they’re sold by the pound?  Well, here is a little help.  Use this conversion chart to turn a pound of nails into a quantifiable number.

Number of Nails per Pound by Type

Size Common Box Finish
4D 315 450 600
6D 190 225 300
8D 105 140 200
10D 70 90 120
12D 50 70 90