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How to Make a Center Line Jig

By on January 27, 2011
Center Line Jig

In this video tip I teach you how to build a center line jig. With this jig you can mark the center of any size board, whether it’s a 2×4, 2×6, 2×8 or 2×12. Certainly there are different methods for marking the center of a board, like snapping a chalk line, or drawing a line along a straight edge. Building a jig, will cost you a little extra time your first go-round, but will save time in the long run with every future use.

  • To start, cut a scrap piece of 2×4 16 inches long.
  • Make a mark in the center of your 2×4.
  • Measure 6 inches to the left of your center mark and drill a ?” hole ¾” deep. (Wrap a piece of tape around your drill bit to mark ¾” depth.)
  • Repeat the last step, this time to the right of your center mark.
  • Your two holes should be equal distance from the center mark.
  • Next, get a ?” dowel and cut two 2 inch pieces off of the dowel.
  • Glue the cut dowel pieces into the two holes that you’ve drilled.
  • Drill a third ?” hole through your center mark. (Should be big enough to fit a #2 pencil.)

You now have a complete center line jig. Lay the jig onto the board you want to mark with the dowel pieces face down. Angle your jig so that the dowel pieces are snug against the edges of your board. Insert a pencil into the center hole of the jig, and run the jig up and down the board leaving a perfect center mark.

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