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How To Winterize Your Power Equipment

By on November 17, 2009

Power equipment that runs on gasoline such as mowers, trimmers, blowers, tiller, etc. should all be winterized.  Winterizing your outdoor power equipment can save you from a huge headache the following season.

Winter temperatures cause gasoline to gum and varnish in the combustion chamber and carburetor.  This in turn causes faulty engine starts or worse yet, the engine doesn’t start at all.  If you can’t get your engine to start then you might have to bring in a professional and that’s against the DIY rulebook.

Winterizing your motors is really a very simple task and should only take about half an afternoon.  First, estimate the total amount of gasoline that you will need to treat.  Check inside each engine’s tank to see how much gas is left in it.  Any partially filled gas cans that are stored for the season should also be treated.

Second, head out to your local hardware store, power equipment supplier, or home center and pick up a bottle of fuel stabilizer.  You will need approximately one ounce of treatment for every two and a half gallons of gasoline.  STA-BIL is one of the most popular brands and each bottle has ounces marked on its side for easy measuring.

Next, add the appropriate amount of fuel stabilizer to each tank. And finally and most importantly, run each engine for 5 minutes to insure the whole fuel system has been treated.  That’s all there is to it.  You are now protected against engine fuel gumming and any unnecessary aggravation come springtime.


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