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7 Reasons You Should Be Using L.E.D. Christmas Lights

By on December 1, 2009
7 Reasons You Should Be Using L.E.D. Christmas Lights

I fully intended to decorate our Christmas tree this year with L.E.D. lights but got an added bonus when my wife saw The Home Depot’s recent advertisement.  It offered a discount off the new bulbs if I brought in my old ones for recycling.  Although their promotion has since ended, I have seven reasons why you should still run out and get L.E.D. lighting for all your Christmas decorating.  Here you go…

  1. L.E.D. Christmas Lights Cost Less – Wow, should I repeat that?  It’s true, in all other applications L.E.D. is substantially more expensive, but when I made my recent purchase, they were actually cheaper than traditional bulbs.  I bought C-6 colored bulbs at about $.18 per bulb (before mentioned discount) and the same incandescent were $.22.
  2. Cut Back on Your Electric Bill – It’s staggering, L.E.D. lights use 88% less wattage than incandescent bulbs. If you put 200 bulbs on a Christmas tree and have it lit for 5 hours per day, you would cut $1.16 off your month’s electric bill using L.E.D. May not sound like much, but if you’re the type that decorates the exterior of your house with thousands of bulbs then the savings could be substantial.
  3. Peace of Mind – Certainly it is a rare instance, but as each manufacturer warns, wrapping electrical bulbs around a tree is a potential fire hazard.  L.E.D. bulbs are cool to the touch and lessen the chance of any catastrophe.
  4. Environmental Impact – As I mentioned in reason #2, there is a huge reduction in energy consumed when using L.E.D. lighting.  Anytime we use less electricity we reduce our carbon footprint.  Less coal is burned to produce the electricity, which in turn reduces greenhouse gas emissions.
  5. Longer Lasting – L.E.D. bulbs are rated for 50,000 hours which is 25 times longer than standard incandescent.  Every year I pull out our Christmas lights and stretch each strand out on the family room floor.  Then I plug each one in individually so I can get a count of how many new replacement bulbs I have to run out and buy.  I won’t be missing that.
  6. Extended Savings – In addition to the actual price tag savings, you get extended savings by reducing your replacement costs.  If a 50-bulb string of lights costs approximately $10 and L.E.D. lasts 25 times longer, that’s $250 in lifetime savings.  And that’s just one series of lights.
  7. Get Rid Of Those Extension Cords – Because L.E.D. bulbs operate on such reduced wattage, you can connect up to 87 strands end to end.  That’s over 4000 lights off of one outlet plug.

Well there you have it, seven great reasons why you should hustle out and buy your new energy efficient L.E.D. Christmas lights.  Merry Christmas.